Quit Trying to Make Meh Happen, Internet


Paul Feig is one of our favorite funny filmmakers; he wrote a bunch of episodes of Freaks and Geeks, and along with the final episode of that series directed a handful episodes for shows like Arrested Development, Weeds, and The Office. He also has a fantastic memoir called Kick Me: Adventures in Adolescence that makes it obvious that Freaks and Geeks is 100 percent not made up and that he is totally Bill Haverchuck. But all of this is just our really long winded way of introducing you to his Twitter feed, which is one of our favorite daily reads.

Mostly because he always challenges his followers to do weird stuff. Anywho, today he introduced a new word into the English language, which is always fun: “Let’s start a new word. I think that people on the internet who are ‘meh’ about everything should be called ‘Meh-heads.’ You guys in?”

Also suggested by his tweeps: meh addicts and Meh-nonites.

We think this is the second best thing we’ve ever read about the word meh… the top honors going to John Hodgman’s anti-meh tweets back in February. Agreed? And while you’re thinking about it, got any better name suggestions?

PS: Why are funny people doing the most interesting things on Twitter? Maybe it’s because comedians are used to engaging ADD audiences quickly — with a word limit. Or maybe we’re just chucklef*ckers.