This Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. Remember this cartoon in Rolling Stone magazine mapping out the “Indie Rock Universe”? We don’t either but it’s causing a real shit storm. [via Pitchfork]

2. The War on Drugs is rebranding itself, placing “a greater emphasis on rehabilitation and treatment for drug offenders.” Meanwhile, marijuana is more potent than ever. [via DTB, Salon]

3. Are people sick of Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow? Or are we just watching less news? [via LF]

4. Fans of Cold Case, Without a Trace, Numbers, Law & Order, The Unit, My Name Is Earl, Scrubs, and The New Adventures of Old Christine, you’re going to have to wait to find out if your show gets renewed. Because the networks hate you. [via THR]

5. The cast of Neil LaBute’s reasons to be pretty dropped a few f-bombs in front of some kids during an in-store performance. [via NYP]