AMC Launches a ‘Walking Dead’ Web Series


For fans who can’t wait for the Season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead on October 16, especially after watching that most recent teaser, we’ve got some good news: TVLine reports that AMC is launching a six-episode Walking Dead web series that will reveal the pre-apocalypse backstory of Hannah, the creepy “bicycle girl” zombie that Rick offed in the show’s pilot. The shorts will be directed by series co-executive producer (and special effects wizard) Greg Nicotero. While we’re usually wary of web spin-offs of our favorite TV shows (the production value can be horrendous), AMC has done a good job with its “minisodes” for Breaking Bad in the past, which we take as a positive sign. If you’re feeling curious too — or you just desperately need to see some zombies, stat — all six installments will debut at 2pm EST this Monday on the network’s website.