Andy Rooney Retires From ’60 Minutes’


Andy Rooney, the commentator for CBS’s 60 Minutes‘ opinion segment since 1978, will be retiring from the show. CBS News made the announcement that the 92-year old will be leaving after he completes his 1,097th installment this Sunday night. Rooney is expected to share the news with his viewers, after which the show will air a retrospective of his long career with the network. Rooney has said before that he would work at CBS until he shuffled off this mortal coil. “How long am I going to work? How long am I going to live? That’s the question. I will work until I drop, or until I lose my head. Until somebody tells me different, I’m not going to quit,” he once mused. CBS News chairman and executive producer Jeff Fager has reassured that Rooney, ” … will always have the ability to speak his mind on 60 Minutes when the urge hits him.” Hopefully the urge doesn’t hit him too hard, since the TV personality has grown increasingly cranky with each passing year. With him goes the last of the great TV curmudgeons. A fine example: in the video below, Andy gets cranky about contemporary/public art.