Jay-Z Will Help Design Brooklyn Nets Jerseys, Choose Team Colors


Some Brooklyn residents — especially those who were kicked out of their apartments by the eminent domain regulations that allowed for the stadium to be built — aren’t so thrilled about the Brooklyn Nets arena moving into their neighborhood. But Bed-Stuy’s favorite son, Jay-Z, is totally on board with the former New Jersey basketball team’s relocation. Earlier this week, we learned that their part owner will bless their new stadium, the Barclays Center, with a few performances when it opens next September. Now, the NY Post reports that Hova will also be recreating the Nets in his image. He’s collaborating with Adidas and other team higher-ups to choose their colors and design their logo and jerseys. What do you think the new uniforms will look like? We don’t have a clear picture in our mind but would be shocked if one of those news colors didn’t turn out to be gold. [via Stereogum]