10 Things That Make Andy Rooney Cranky


In his more than 1000 broadcasts over the past 33 years, we’ve rarely heard about what 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney likes — in fact, only ice cream and natural eyebrows immediately come to mind. But we’ll be the first to admit that watching him wax poetic about his favorite things wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining as listening to him rant — often nonsensically — about what most of us take for granted as byproducts of progress. Plus, it would make playing the Andy Rooney Game a lot much less fun. Click through to watch some of the most curmudgeonly segments we could find, and be sure to tune in this Sunday night if you’re interested in seeing his last regular appearance on the show.

1. The musical groups of today

2. Bill Gates

3. Public art

4. e-Books

5. Ali G

6. Christmas shopping7. The word “gadget”

8. Sleep

9. Fruit

10. Women’s fashion magazines