The One Where We Rorschach Ourselves With Subway Maps


Neil Freeman is an artist and urban planner and his Web site, fake is the new real, is an exciting collection of maps, art, and lists. (No, we’re not being facetious. Trust us.) This morning we stumbled upon his roundup of subway systems of the world, presented on the same scale, which among other things, really puts into perspective the fact that the Seoul Metro could kick Paris’s public transportation system in the derrière. C’est des conneries! It also gave our office an excuse for a little armchair analysis. After the jump, a few of our favorite subway maps, what we “see” when we look at them, and what that might mean. You’re next!

Los Angeles MTAWhat we see: A guy kissing someone’s nose.What it might mean: A kiss on the nose symbolizes curiosity in dreams. This could also point to a repressed childhood memory about wanting to find the flag inside that giant nose on Double Dare.

Washington, DC WMATAWhat we see: An upside stick figure with the most tiny head in the history of ever.What it might mean: Seeing a a person with a big head in dream analysis means you will meet persons of power. So the opposite of that.

MVG Hamburg HochbahnWhat we see: Three sperm battling to fertilize but a single egg.What it might mean: You really want an omelet. Dream analysis also says a sperm cameo indicates potential for growth and development.

Moscow Moskovskoe MetroWhat we see: A window cracking due to an incoming baseball.What it might mean: Shattered windows = a state of vulnerability. Baseball = contentment. You are a walking contradiction.

OK, so now that you’ve got the idea, take a look at the New York City subway map at the top of this post, and tell us what you see below. We’ll publically analyze you in the comments.