Best Vintage Color Television Ads


Today marks the 60th anniversary of the color television. CBS is credited with making the first color broadcast on five East Coast stations in 1951, and on this day the company started selling their CBS-Columbia color television model. The product was discontinued just a few months later, but RCA picked up the slack a few years later in 1954. Today, it seems strange that companies had trouble selling color models, but back then buying a TV was as important of a choice as was buying a car (they were expensive!). Before we were warning about the dangers of too much TV, the color television represented a kind of sophistication and style. It was the best connection families had to the world around them and the new technology represented the dreamy possibilities of the future. We thought we’d take a peek back at some of the best color television print advertisements, which represented a time when the TV repairman was actually a lucrative career choice.