Mr. Men and Little Miss Books, All Grown Up and Scandalous


For a few generations now, Roger Hargreaves’ funny Mr. Men and Little Miss books have been teaching kids about all kinds of annoying people, from Mr. Nosey to Little Miss Fickle. (Yes, there are gender-based critiques to be made of these stories; no, we’re not going to make them here.) This is all well and good, but where does this leave adults, who often have to deal with entirely different types of irritating characters? Thankfully, has come up with a handful of cover designs for grown-up editions, featuring such characters as Mr. Chill, who “was never considered cool until he bought beer for his 16 year old’s friends and let them smoke marijuana on the patio,” and Little Miss Infidelity — an older Little Miss Naughty, because “everyone grows up and has little kids just like you. Even whores.”

[Spotted via Inspirefirst]