Baby Scratch: Battling it Out at DJ Academy [Photo Gallery]


It’s well known that in my DC college days I was a supreme selector (on more than one occasion I was dubbed Grandmasta P by drunks). Of course, that was old-school Andy. In preparation for a forthcoming interview with Scratch DJ Academy co-founder Rob Principe about his new book, I decided it best to brush up a bit. I was pleased as punch that Leah wanted to come along, until, over a preparatory round of Alize, she started talking smack (“I will make you my biznitch, fo siznitch!”). Me a biznitch? Fo shiznitch? IT WAS ON!

In our exclusive photo slideshow, Flavorpill’s resident urban adventurers take to the world’s premiere DJ Academy under the instruction of DJ Jesse Fellus and do battle like never before. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE BEAT-JUGGLING BATTLE>>