Spring Awakening Didn’t Last Long in the UK


Arts Beat reports that Spring Awakening, which won the 2007 Tony for Best Musical and made more than $57 million stateside, is closing in London on May 30 after a brief five-month run. From the producers’ statement: “It is with overwhelming regret that we have had to announce the closure of Spring Awakening. Despite the most positive critical response to a theatrical production in recent years, the enthusiasm of the media, accessible ticket pricing and the incredible response audiences give the show each night, simply not enough tickets are being sold.”

Hmmm… this just a wild shot in the dark, but maybe it’s the play’s over-the-top teen sexuality (in fact, in Charles Isherwood’s New York Times‘ review of the show, he referred to it as “pure sex”) that wasn’t their cup of tea (Skins withstanding). While I’ve never thought of myself as a prude, when I went to see it, I had to leave halfway through thanks Bill T. Jones’ pelvic thrust-laden choreography and some intense human growth and development class flashbacks. And the person who I was with hated it, which never helps. Anyway, I’ve always regretted leaving, but maybe it was just my inner Brit acting out.

Meanwhile, Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical, has extended its London run through February 2010. Gay sex good, teen sex bad. Go figure.