Courtney Love Is Writing a Memoir, Thank God


If you’ve followed Courtney Love’s online presence from mid-’90s AOL message boards to MySpace to Twitter, you may think there’s nothing you don’t already know about the Hole frontwoman. And yet, if you’re like us, then you’re still all ears for the memoir Love’s just announced she’s writing, to be co-authored by Rolling Stone writer and prolific biographer Anthony Bozza and published by William Morrow in fall 2012. According to ArtsBeat, the book will be an “account of her life from childhood to the present, including tales from her own band, Hole, her stints in Hollywood, her marriage to Kurt Cobain and her relationships with Billy Corgan and Edward Norton.” Surely that gives her a wide enough range of topics that the memoir will include some illuminating insight Love hasn’t overshared yet. As far as we’re concerned, the project is already worth it for the Love-Corgan drama it will inevitably reignite.