The Yes Men Raise Funds for People’s Media


Political pranksters The Yes Men want to be the people’s media. They also want you to contribute to their new Kickstarter campaign for the creation of their own media outlet. First on the agenda is the Occupy Wall Street Journal. It’s a newspaper for you, the people, that will delve into the ideas behind the Wall Street protests — a reaction to the banks creating and profiting off the economic crisis. The project offers to explain ” … the issues involved and how the general assembly process operates at Liberty Plaza. It will also offer resources and ways to join. The emphasis will be on quality content, design, photography and artwork that uses incisive humor to make it a lively read.” They won’t be making any personal profit off of the journal, but need your help to reach their $12,000 intended goal. Check out an interview that Michael Hayne recently conducted with The Yes Men about the Wall Street events after the jump.

[Story spotted via The NY Observer]