Rumor Mill: Radiohead to Play for Wall Street Protestors


Gawker is reporting on a very interesting rumor that has been making the rounds this morning. Apparently, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have been “buzzing over a big secret musical guest” who will be performing downtown at around 4pm today. Gawker has heard that it’s going to be Radiohead, who has been in town for the past week or so, playing two sold-out shows at Roseland Ballroom and making several TV appearances. We agree that given Thom Yorke’s political views (check out this 2003 opinion piece from the Guardian if you’re not already familiar), it would make perfect sense from an ideological standpoint — but can you imagine the ensuing madness? Also, remember when the idea of getting to see Radiohead perform was a rare thing? Like anytime before last week? That said, we imagine that this kind of media-friendly event would give the protestors just the attention that they’ve been craving from most news organizations — and without requiring any pepper spray. Hopefully it really happens!

Update: According to Occupy Wall Street’s website, it’s official. Radiohead will be playing at 4pm. Let the insanity ensue.

Update 2: This just in from Twitter: According to Foster Kamer of the New York Observer, Radiohead’s press reps say that the band is not playing. Meanwhile, an Occupy Wall Street spokesman told Gawker they have no permit but the police are “aware” of the event.