Charles Dickens Soon to be Immortalized in Coin Form


The world just never seems to get tired of Charles Dickens. With a flurry of Dickens-mania in the news and arts, all looking forward to the bicentenary of his birth next year, perhaps its no surprise that Britain’s Royal Mint is planning to produce a special minting of coins bearing the English novelist’s face. In his incarnation as a two pound coin, Dickens will join the likes of Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale and deoxyribonucleic acid as one of the most important and most beloved figures in history. At least for us, the immortalization in coin form of a man who wrote about some of the most hard-up characters in recent memory is somewhat ironic, but also pretty satisfying. Now at last, you may go to any shop, say “please, sir, I want some more,” and buy as much gruel (or, you know, whatever) as you desire with the likeness of Oliver Twist’s creator. It’s almost worth the exchange rate. [via Guardian]