Lady Gaga, Fred Astaire, LL Kool J Honored for Wearing Hats


We first became aware of The Headwear Association earlier this year when they named Johnny Depp ‘Hat Person of the Year.’ No argument there, we suppose, but we were not aware that in addition to naming a Hat Person for each year, the organization also annually inducts “stylish individuals renowned for wearing hats” into its Headwear Hall of Fame. The conditions, however, are stringent. Nominees are chosen for their “positive impact on the evolution and popularity of headwear fashions.” They must also “wear hats in their personal lives and not only while portraying a character on the stage or screen.” It um, also kind of seems like they pick people who they think look good in hats. This year’s honors go to Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, LL Cool J and Kid Rock, with Marlene Dietrich and Fred Astaire being inducted posthumously. Click through to see some of our favorite hats from this year’s inductees, see why they were chosen, and let us know how utterly ridiculous (or not, we suppose) you find this whole thing in the comments.

Lady Gaga has enthralled us for years with her theatrical headwear on stage and off. She has proclaimed her undying love of hats – even applying for an internship with master milliner Philip Treacy. Gaga is an obvious choice for the THA Hall of Fame.

Well, we can’t disagree. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say that the Headwear Hall of Fame was erected solely for LG herself.

Victoria Beckham’s chic fashion choices are often topped with a hat. Her choices run the gamut from chic military caps and dramatic fedoras to artful Philip Treacy creations. Her royal wedding hat put her on numerous best dressed lists. Beckham also takes her love of hats to her own runways – repeatedly showing hats with her signature Victoria Beckham Collection.

We’re not sure one delicately balanced royal wedding hat makes Beckham a hat hall of famer — we’ve always thought there was much more hullabaloo about what was under the hat. But, sure.

Marlene Dietrich is renowned for her sophisticated Hollywood glamour, and there are no words for how chic this woman was in a hat. Her hats were true couture pieces and her legendary style is unparalleled. They don’t make them like Ms. Dietrich anymore and THA celebrates her fashionable grace with a posthumous induction to the Headwear Hall of Fame.

No argument here. Marlene Dietrich is a legend, hatted or unhatted.

Fred Astaire’s stage and film career spanned a total of 76 years, during which he made 31 musical films. Hats were a signature part of his persona. And whether he was wearing a top hat, fedora or a summer boater, Astaire wore hats with pure sophistication and elegance. THA honors his celebrated style with a Hall of fame nod.

Another safe inclusion, though we’re not sure Astaire had as much breadth to his hat collection as some of the ladies honored.

The title of his record says it all – American Bad Ass. Kid Rock is rarely seen on stage or off without a hat, and he wears both cowboy hats and fedoras with a distinct Rock and Roll swagger that is all his own.

Oh, no. Surely a high score in the ‘amount of time spent in hat’ column is not enough? Shouldn’t the hats be a little more… interesting? Attractive? We don’t know. Clearly we don’t quite understand the rules.

Ladies love cool James in a hat. LL Cool J has made hats part of his personal style since he burst onto the music scene in 1985. He wears hats so well, and looks equally suave in his signature Kangol bucket or his more debonair fedoras and driving caps.

We’ll accept it. But for the Kangol, mind you, not the golfing dad caps.