Pic of the Day: Johnny Depp and Ricky Gervais Flush a Midget for Twitter


In case you hadn’t noticed, Ricky Gervais quit Twitter way back in January, saying he didn’t see the point, which is fair. But a few days ago, he snuck back onto the site, at first sending out a plaintive “Hello. Anybody there?” before graduating to a few tweets promoting his projects An Idiot Abroad and Life’s Too Short, along with asserting his verity as the official Ricky Gervais. Not overly interesting, but since then, he’s really hit his Twitter-stride, tweeting what looks like pictures of whatever he can think to take pictures of in his apartment (read: his own face in various states of duress, his cat), including this photograph, which he posted along with the missive: “To protect Warwick from scary mice, me and Johhny Depp put him safely in the toilet. Anything for a friend.” Warwick, it should be noted, is Gervais’s costar on Life’s Too Short, which — mission accomplished — we kind of want to watch now. After all, if this is what it’s like to hang out with Ricky Gervais, well, at least it doesn’t look boring. [via BlackBook]