Viva la Mix! #7: Downloads From Clipse, Bjork, Sonic Youth, and Annie


Are your ears suffering from a case of acute boredom? Are you ailing from a dreary commute made only that much drearier by the same tired tunes? Flavorpill’s got the answer, a brand new round-up of the best new music from our weekly Viva Radio program. Click through for downloads from our last radio playlist and be sure to check back and listen to the show itself — we update every week.

1. Clipse (Feat. Kanye West) – “Kinda Like A Big Deal” For people as obsessed with their trillness as Clipse, it’s a ballsy move collaborating with Kanye West, perhaps the most trill-deficient personality in rap today. But fortune favors the bold, and this sneak-peek from Till the Casket Drops is a highlight in a relatively quiet year for rap. [Download MP3] via We All Want Someone

2. Wavves – “Friends Were Gone” The new one-off single from Nathan Williams showcases his more tuneful, Wipers-affected side (see: “No Hope Kids” or “So Bored”).

[Download MP3] via FMLY

3. Basement Jaxx – “Raindrops” A welcome respite from what seems like an eternity of minimal, the dazzling new Basement Jaxx proves big house is better house. [Download MP3] via Audio Drums

4. The Devil Makes Three – “Do Wrong Right” The Devil Makes Three play a tongue-in-cheek form of American roots music, bucking genre conventions with lyrics that trend toward atypical subjects like crack abuse and getting your picture taken with the Four Horsemen. [Download MP3] via Quiet Color

5. Sonic Youth – “Sacred Trickster” Kim Gordon’s contributions on the last couple of Sonic Youth albums have been genuine highlights, and this early track off The Eternal continues the trend. How can they still be so solid 28 years in? [Download MP3] via Pretty Much Amazing

6. Annie – “Anthonio (Fred Falke Remix)” With this, and a disgustingly awesome reworking of Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks,” we might as well just hand the Remixer of the Year Award to Fred Falke now. [Download MP3] via Ohhcrap

7. Deerhunter – “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” It’s not going to blow you away like the best cuts off Microcastle did, but as the old saying goes: any Deerhunter is good Deerhunter. [Download MP3] via Knox Road

8. Bjork – “Nattura (Switch Remix)” Bjork teams up with fidget-house DJ and producer Switch to bring awareness to the Nattura Campaign’s work to preserve Icelandic resources, proving once again that she cares more about stuff than, say, Sigur Rós. [Download MP3] via Stereogum

9. Magik Markers – “Don’t Talk In Your Sleep” Magik Markers are smart enough to know that if you are in a noise rock band fronted by a girl, you will be blogged about and you will make it onto a Viva Mix. [Download MP3] via MBV

10.The Field – “The More That I Do” When it comes to exports, Sweden can do no wrong.. Proof: The Knife, Jens Lekman, Sally Shapiro, and this track off The Field’s upcoming sophomore album, which continues to mine the territory formed at the intersection of techno, trance, and shoegaze. [Download MP3] via Stereogum