Petition for David Tennant to Carry the Olympic Torch


It’s hard not to love Doctor Who (in spite of what some people might be saying about Saturday night’s finale) and if the opportunity arises to make something that happened in one of the episodes actually happen in real life, you know we’d love to support the show’s crossover into reality. That’s why we were so excited to see this petition floating around asking for David Tennant to have the honor of lighting the torch in the 2012 Olympic games, just like he did as The Doctor in the end of the episode “Fear Her.”

Of course, there is always the potential drawback that Tennant is Scottish and the person who lights the torch is generally from the country hosting the games, but to be fair, The Doctor is about as British as they come.

Lest you think the petition isn’t something to take seriously, consider this: there are already over 24,000 signatures supporting the idea.