Video: Shannen Doherty Attending, Advertising Online University


Come next year, the erstwhile Brenda Walsh will be starring in her very own WE TV reality series, The Shannen Doherty Project, which will follow the preparations for her upcoming wedding to photographer Kurt Iswarienko. But don’t you worry, “I Hate Brenda” contingent — you won’t have to wait until the new year for an excuse to chuckle derisively at Doherty, because we’ve got one right here. The folks at Warming Glow have spotted her in a fairly humiliating, decidedly low-budget ad for the online university search service Not only is the script weird (“I’ve played the girl next door and the girl and the girl not-so-next-door”), but it also includes some cheesy costume changes and Doherty’s admission that she was so clueless about how to find the right online college for her that she needed a whole different website to help. Finally: Shannen, girl, why did you let them put pastel makeup on your face? Sigh. Well, enjoy the ad after the jump. If you’re mean.