Briliant Opposites Posters by Design Students


Every college student dreams of getting to work with the leaders of their industry, but this rarely happens, especially as an in-class assignment. But for the design students of the School of Visual Art in New York, a handful of students lucky enough to get into the Visual Identity and Multimedia course dreams do come true.

That’s because for three hours a week, these students get the opportunity to work directly with legendary design firm Chermayeff & Geismar, who has been responsible for creating such well-known logos as those used by PBS, NBC, National Geographic, and many others. As if that weren’t enough, the students get to balance class assignments with actual client work for M&T Bank.

That’s not to say the class doesn’t have interesting non-client assignments though. For one of the student’s biggest projects, they were asked to create a poster design that illustrated two opposite issues, objects or concepts. The results are impressive, so be sure to click through to enjoy the best of the projects.

Image credit: Mikhail Abramov [Spotted via Laughing Squid]

Image credit: Chris Alborano

Image credit: Kay Kim

Image credit: Guewon Kelly Park