Courtney Love Tells ‘Vanity Fair’ She’d Kill Kurt If He Came Back


Oh boy, Courtney Love. You have many haters, but here at Flavorpill, we have a soft spot for you and attempt to defend your ill-advised statements regularly. But we can’t help you when you insist on giving interviews to Vanity Fair — which, as we’re sure you remember, is the magazine that, back in 1992, published an article that claimed you’d knowingly done heroin during your pregnancy and temporarily got your child taken away from you. Courtney, these people are not your friends!

So, here’s their big headline this time: “Courtney Love on Kurt Cobain: ‘For What He Did to Us, I’d Fucking Kill Him.'” While she does indeed say these words when asked if she was angry about Cobain’s suicide — and Vanity Fair makes sure to get them into the lead — the majority of the piece (which seems to have no particular peg or reason for being, aside from the public’s eternal interest in Love’s mental instability) is actually about how much Love misses her estranged daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. While there’s no comment from Frances, her lawyers do surface to maintain that just about everything her mother says is false. And then there’s the matter of “the fraud,” Love’s theory about what has become of all the money she and Cobain should have had. Taken together, it’s your latest gratuitous “Courtney Love Is Crazy” piece — enjoy it, America!