What We’re Listening to at Flavorpill


Yay! It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for What We’re Listening To, a weekly roundup of the tracks that have been getting the repeat treatment in our office. After the jump, ten songs that Flavorpill staffers are loving right now, along with some light commentary on why we think they’re special (we hear A LOT of music ’round here). Enjoy and feel free to leave your own recent obsessions in the comments.

1. Empire of the Sun, “Swordfish Hotkiss Night” I don’t know what a swordfish hotkiss night is but I would like to live there. – Ashley Casselman

2. Cat Power, “Lived In Bars” Loving the late-night melancholy of the piano intro. – Jane McCarthy

3. Architecture In Helsinki, “That Beep” The first single from their forthcoming album, Vision Revision. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from these guys, but it seems like they’ve been eschewing the twee that made them popular in favor of a smoother electro-pop sound. Definitely not arguing! – Cassidy Pignatello

4. Phoenix, “Lisztomania (Classixx Version)” The only thing smoother than Thomas Mars’ voice is the buttery synths cascading behind him. – Cassidy

5. Passion Pit, “The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)” While the original version is all right, Calvin Harris works some of his voodoo by pulling the one synth I wanted to hear more of and disco-fying it to the nth degree. The bassline is absolutely killer too. – Cassidy

6. Harlem Shakes, “Niagra Falls” I love the keys on this track and the girl harmonies they bring about halfway through. It’s wistful in the very best possible way. – Leah Taylor

7. King Khan & the Shrines, “I Wanna Be a Girl” Unfortunately, they didn’t put this track on the MySpace page. So check out “Welfare Bread” instead. And then find when they are next playing in your town, and buy some freakin’ tickets. The live show is incredible! I took my dad to see them; he said it was the best concert he’s been to in decades — and he was at Altamont. – Leah

8. The Beets, “Killer Tofu” Ha, just kidding. Actually I mean these guys — and refreshingly, they’re from Jackson Heights, not the ‘Burg! Awesome garage rock, recently recognized by the L Magazine as one of the top 8 new bands to watch. – Leah

9. The Vaselines, “Son of a Gum” Because it explains so much about the Tings Tings. And Kurt Cobain would approve. – Caroline

10. Lil Wayne, “Back On My Grizzy” Nobody makes better hip hop right now. – Joseph Mangan