Lars von Trier Could Go to Jail for Hitler Comments


It was over four months ago that incendiary filmmaker Lars von Trier made a few very stupid comments at the Cannes Film Festival about identifying with Hitler. Although he apologized profusely and clarified that what he meant wasn’t nearly as offensive as what he said, we decided it was time to forgive him. But many disagreed. At the time, Cannes banned him from the festival — now, it turns out the scrutiny didn’t end there. The Associated Press reports that von Trier is currently facing charges of justifying war crimes, which is illegal in France — meaning that he could actually serve time for his controversial remarks. The director has said in a statement that Danish police questioned him earlier today in relation to the French case. Von Trier also announced that the fallout from his comments have made him realize that “I do not possess the skills to express myself unequivocally,” and as of now, he’ll no longer be speaking to the press.