Unauthorized Lady Gaga Biopic Coming to Lifetime


Is Lifetime trying to steal Bravo’s gay-friendly audience? First, they poached Project Runway, and now the network best known for weepy made-for-TV movies about infidelity, eating disorders, and other “issues facing women” has announced that it’s developing a Lady Gaga biopic. Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story will be based on Maureen Callahan’s unauthorized biography Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, and Gaga won’t be involved in the production at all. Although we’re pretty sure this is a recipe for disaster, we can’t help but look forward to it. The news does leave us with two questions, though: First of all, how will the Lifetime team manage to pack enough soap opera-style drama into the movie to satisfy its core viewers? But more importantly, who is going to play Gaga?! We think Kristen Bell could do it — even though she’s a few years older than Gaga, she looks young enough to pull it off. Anyone else have a nomination?