Radiohead Anounce Details of New Album via BBC


Ring the bells, the word is out: Radiohead are recording. According to a recent BBC interview with bassist Colin Greenwood they are, “at the stage where we’ve got the big Lego box out and we’ve tipped it out on the floor and we’re just looking at all the bits and thinking what’s next?” Good question. All the details we could dig up after the jump.

Hrm, after reading about 2,000 words from reports by the likes of Pitchfork, NME, the BBC, and Prefix Mag, it looks like the above is all there is to report: a band known to occasionally make music has been in a studio. Maybe it isn’t a story after all…

My question to those who clicked through: why are we so compelled to write/read about it anyway? Also, so you don’t feel completely duped, here’s a link to a post on Dead Air Space where Thom Yorke’s freaking out about global warming and wants you to sign a petition. I did.