E! Plans To Start Its Own Modeling Show


There are already a ton of singing contest shows on TV right now, so why not have a few modeling competitions as well? Like singing professionally, modeling is a dream job and people love to look at pretty faces as much as they love to hear fledgling singers. So far, America’s Next Top Model has been the exclusive modeling competition on television, but Vulture is exclusively reporting that E! will be taking a shot at the market by airing its own show, Scouted, beginning November 28.

The reality series will differ from Top Model in a few critical ways, for example, each competition will take place in one hour-long episode, so there will be no contestant by contestant season-long elimination like you see in Top Model. Perhaps the most striking difference is the fact that Scouted will feature talent scouts who pick out girls from a variety of locations – many of whom have never even considered a job in the modeling industry before. That might just make it worth watching, right?

Image credit: JSR Photo