Quote of the Day: Art Sports Aren’t Real, Are They?

“Sure, like other young ironists who wear vintage ’80s T-shirts and listen to Of Montreal, the adherents of art-sports could just play dodgeball and kickball on weekends. But by creating their own games, they are making a statement that sports can be something different in this steroid-pumped, travel-team era — namely, fun.”

– We find this New York Times article about the “absurdist sports” trend really weird, especially reporter Alex Williams’ description of a game called circle rules football as “30 percent soccer, 20 percent rugby, the rest pure Dada.” 1. This seems like a story that would run in The Onion. 2. Just because you make up a game — even if it involves ice tongs or costume changes — and you’re skinny doesn’t make it art. 3. When did hipsters get too fancy for kickball?