Marty and The Rolling Stones Reunite, and Other Hollywood News


Scorsese scores another Stones film: Apparently MICK JAGGER can’t get no satisfaction with documentaries. SHINE A LIGHT — MARTIN SCORSESE’s film that follows THE ROLLING STONES for two gigs — came out earlier this year, but Jagger’s in talks with the director again. He is allegedly buying up biographies in preparation for another film and has said he wished he could change things on Shine a Light.

Maybe this is how he makes amends: he makes another movie. [Gigwise]

Del Toro jumps on vampire bandwagon: Director GUILLERMO DEL TORO is meddling in new genres these days, shifting from film to books. Though still at work on THE HOBBIT and signed on for FRANKENSTEIN, DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE and SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE, he has decided to co-write a vampire trilogy with CHUCK HOGAN. The first one, THE STRAIN, will be released next summer. Your move, STEPHANIE MEYER. [Variety]

First glimpse at Cody and Spielberg’s new series: DIABLO CODY says comedy should only be written about sensitive subjects. Fair enough — that’s why she’s written 13 episodes for SHOWTIME’s new series, THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, set to premiere in January. Directed by STEPHEN SPIELBERG, it’s about multiple personality disorder and stars TONI COLLETTE and JOHN CORBETT (SEX AND THE CITY’s Aidan!). Seems like it could be boss, homeslice. [AceShowBiz]

Chuck, and maybe Superbowl, to go 3D: Nerdy JOSH SCHWARTZ show CHUCK is gonna get a little nerdier in February. NBC is handing out 150 million 3D glasses for something crazy going on during the Superbowl, and Chuck benefits from this. As a result, viewers will get to watch the episode in three dimensions — and they’re saying something about a “urinal cake” in the episode? [io9]

Fey dunzo with Palin bit: TINA FEY announced last week that she’s done playing SARAH PALIN on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. She says she’s quitting the character because she has to concentrate on 30 ROCK, but maybe it’s just because the end of the election marks the end of all the drama? We hope to see Fey-as-Palin again if she runs in 2012. Or if she learns the difference between a country and a continent. [EW]