Daily Poll: Jamie Foxx as Frank Sinatra?


According to this article in the Telegraph, “Jamie Foxx, the African-American actor, singer and comedian, has been named as a potential contender for the role of Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorcese’s biopic of the entertainer.” Their source: this Daily Express piece which cites an anonymous “well-placed industry insider” (maybe one of Foxx’s agents?) chatting up a storm at Cannes.

According to the source, the two men have a lot in common: “Magnificent singing voice, totally convincing acting ability, like Frank himself, born the wrong side of the tracks, rags to riches, makes it big against the odds, has his brushes with authority. The guy’s got a gift.”

While I’m all for colorblind casting, the idea of Foxx — who I can’t stand — playing Sinatra — who I’ve always had a crush on — seems like a horrible idea. Not that I think George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio, Harry Connick Jr., or Justin Timberlake sound any better. Word is there won’t be any singing in this flick because they’d don’t have the rights to old Blue Eyes’ songs, which makes Foxx’s “magnificent singing voice” a moot point. Also: he already got to play Ray Charles.

What we’re wondering is: