The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Here is the full music video for “Countdown.” As expected, Beyoncé‘s baby bump totally steals the show — which is really saying something.

2. Johnny Depp has plans to produce a film about Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, and word is that he’d like to play the beloved writer as well. Given his previous experience portraying famous authors like Hunter S. Thompson and J.M. Barrie, we think this could be a good thing. [via Slashfilm]

3. The first trailer for James McTeigue’s crime thriller The Raven, which is set in 1840s Baltimore and stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, has gone online. Watch it here.

4. A stage adaptation of The King’s Speech won’t be making its way to Broadway was quickly as was originally planned; instead, producers say that the show will premiere in in Guildford, England, and then tour theaters in five other British cities through mid-March. [via ArtsBeat]

5. In the wake of Wednesday night’s tragic news, the release date of Walter Isaacson’s forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs — which already holds the number one spot on Amazon — has been pushed forward to October 24. The highly-anticipated book is made up of material from hours of exclusive interviews with Jobs conducted over the course of two years. [via The Millions]

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