Watch Lou Reed and Metallica Talk About ‘Lulu’


As loyal Lou Reed fans, we’re used to having him throw us for a loop regularly — his entire mid-’70s oeuvre is basically one big mind fuck, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how tongue-in-cheek the intentions behind many of his silliest post-Velvet Underground lyrics were. But his collaboration with Metallica crossed over from provocative to embarrassing around the time we heard the first single, “The View.” Now, Old Uncle Lou has humiliated his admirers yet again with the trailer for the album, Lulu. The clip consists mostly of an interview with Reed, Lars Ulrich, and James Hetfield that might as well be a Saturday Night Live parody of the project. Ulrich admits, “We don’t really know where it’s going,” and Hetfield declares, “We got to stamp ‘tallica on it!” Finally, Reed opines, “It pushed me to the best I’ve ever been.” Oh, Lou. Once again, we can’t tell whether you’re joking or just batty.

[via NME ]