Meet Blue Kid, the Winner of Our A Band Apart Competition


This summer, hundreds of bands from around the nation signed up for a chance to tackle the competition in Flavorpill and FanBridge’s A Band Apart promotion, presented by Stoli vodka. After the first round of votes was in, we presented some of our favorites from each region, all of whom went on to the national round. At that point, things heated up considerably, until only ten acts were left. Then it fell to our judges to choose the winner from those finalists, and we’re happy to report that the decision is in. Allow us to introduce New York’s own Blue Kid, who will be performing at a special Flavorpill showcase during CMJ as part of their reward. Read on to learn more about them, get free music, and find out how you can attend the party yourself.

Crush by Blue Kid

Led by singer/songwriter Lydia Benecke, Blue Kid is a four-piece act that combines pop, jazz, and folk to create whimsical compositions that fit nicely in the lighthearted side of the realm inhabited by fellow New Yorkers Jaymay and Regina Spektor. Following two EPs of original material, the band is at work on a full-length debut, with the single “Crush” hitting online retailers this month. At the Flavorpill showcase at Le Poisson Rouge on October 22, they’ll be performing alongside Chelsea Wolfe, Dustin Wong, and Delta Hotel, and if you’ll be in the area, you can attend for free and see them in person by submitting a simple RSVP.

We caught up with Benecke briefly following the announcement of her band’s win to get her reaction and find out what’s next for Blue Kid. Check out her responses below.

What was the experience of being involved in the competition like for you? How did you keep your fans rallied to vote? “By promising to make out with them! No, actually we just kept asking people to vote. Whether it was on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or in person, we talked about this competition nonstop. I’d mention it at the end of a song or in the middle of a conversation with a new friend… basically, my rule was that if we hadn’t already met, I assumed you hadn’t already heard about this and I hoped like heckfire you’d vote for us!”

What are your thoughts on being selected as the winner, out of the hundreds of artists who submitted nationwide? “It’s incredibly humbling. We know how many choices everybody had and how talented the competition was, so this was not a given.”

How do you describe your music, and what do you want people to know about you? “Our music pays homage to the singer/songwriter movement of the 70s, but it’s updated to reflect more modern sensibilities and, of course, Blue Kid’s own perverted sense of humor. I would say life in New York city is one of our biggest inspirations, but of course so are all the ridiculous escapades of being a 20-something year old… you know, love, murderous rage, the usual.”

What are your plans for the near future? Anything big in store? “We’re just releasing our latest single, “Crush,” and yes, there is an album on the way. We finished recording a little while back, and it’s currently being mixed, with plans to release it in December. Generally, though, our plans are to keep making as much noise as we can! Everything we do is based on the fact that we all really like each other. (Side note: I say ‘like,’ but I’m pretty much in love with these guys). Loving what we do has gotten us this far, so we’re going to continue to run with it.”

Can You Keep Up by Blue Kid

RSVP here to catch Blue Kid live at the Flavorpill showcase at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC on October 22.