Axl Rose Both Looks and Sounds Horrible


There’s something to be said about dying young and leaving a pretty corpse. While we certainly wouldn’t wish that fate upon anyone, there are some people whose legacies would be a lot better off if they did heed the cliched rock and roll slogan. Take, for example Axl Rose in the following video. We’ve heard karaoke singers that sound more like the real Axl Rose. Between being out of key and completely out of breath, this might be the worst version of “Welcome to the Jungle” that we’ve ever heard. Even the botched guitar solo sounds better than this empty husk of the snake-dancing man of lore. By the time the audio cuts out halfway through the video, you’re actually thankful there is no more risk your ears will start to bleed.

Are we being too harsh? Maybe, but ask yourself, would you keep singing and performing if you looked and sounded like this?

[via Stereogum]