Pic of the Day: Liquid Soap and Trippy Fluid Dynamics


Last night we came across this picture of the decidedly psychedelic patterns that objects create as they move through planes of liquid. The images were created by moving differently shaped items through fluid soap and then using a high speed camera to record the patterns that the objects left in their wake. There’s doubtless a highly scientific and complicated method that you can use to model these patterns, but all we can think of when we look at them is that Timothy Leary would like them. A lot. If you’re interested, you can take a look at a more detailed explanation of what’s going on via this PDF hosted at a science-themed Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics. (And as an aside — yes, we’re also highly amused that there really truly is a Tumblr called “Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics”). [Via io9.]