Wanted: Frankenfont’s Typographical Evocation of Frankenstein’s Monster


Anyone who reads Flavorwire regularly will know that we’re big fans of anything related to creative typography, so we’d hankering to get our hands on a copy of Frankenfont, a new edition of Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus that uses a variety of fonts found in PDFs across the internet. In keeping with the gestalt nature of Frankenstein’s monster, the book renders each word in the book in a variety of typefaces, with strange and obscure fonts appearing more frequently as the novel progresses. The first few chapters use mostly Times New Roman, Arial and Helvetica; but as the story unfolds and the monster grows more uncontrollable, the typography devolves into weird and grotesque shapes. It’s a fascinating idea; you can see some excerpts from the book after the jump, which show how the fonts become more and more twisted toward the story’s end. There’s more details about the process used to realise the idea, along with ordering info, at the project website.

[Via Kottke.]