A World Tour of Street Art Tributes to John Lennon and “Imagine”


You’d be hard-pressed to find a Beatles fan who visits New York City without visiting Strawberry Fields, Central Park’s memorial to John Lennon, which features a mosaic bearing the legend “Imagine” — the single most powerful word of his career. But this piece of public art is hardly the world’s only open-air tribute to Lennon and his manifesto. To commemorate what would have been his 71st birthday (October 9th) and today’s 40th anniversary of “Imagine’s” release as a single, we’ve compiled a gallery of street art that celebrates both the song and the man. From Liverpool and New York to Taipei and the famous Lennon Wall in Prague, these images prove that his influence was truly global.

Brooklyn, NY. Photo credit: Jaime Rojo [via]

The Lennon Wall, Prague [via]

Fresno, CA [via]

Berlin. Photo credit: Mark Gledhill [via]

London, England [via]

Cyprus [via]

San Diego, CA [via]

Brussels. Stencil by Jef Aérosol [via]

Taipei. Photo credit: Felix Huang [via]

New York City. There’s a crazy, awesome story behind this piece.

London [via]

Liverpool [via]