‘MythBusters’ Team Will Host Steve Jobs Documentary


This Sunday, the MythBusters duo (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) — who scientifically test the validity of various urban legends, pop culture weirdsies, and other myths — will host a new documentary about the recently passed Apple co-founder, chairman, and former chief executive, Steve Jobs. iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World will share interviews with Lee Felsenstein (of the Homebrew Computer Club), early Apple employee and friend Daniel Kottke (who was a traveling companion for Jobs’ spiritual retreat to India), engineer John Draper, and musicians Stevie Wonder and Pete Wentz. “He didn’t simply give the public what they wanted, he defined entirely new ways of thinking about our lives in the digital space: productivity, creativity, music, communication, media, and art. He has touched, directly and indirectly, all of our lives,” Savage recently told Entertainment Weekly. You can catch the documentary on Sunday, October 16 at 8pm on all of Discovery’s various channels. Is it too soon for a doc about Jobs, or is this kind of look at the tech innovator’s life just right?