Photos of Famous Artists When They Were Young


After running features on the childhood photos of both famous writers and rock stars over the past few weeks, it might seem like we’re a bit youth-obsessed at Flavorwire lately. But we promise that that’s not the case. We just think that there’s something fascinating about images of cultural icons snapped long before they’d become household names. It humanizes them a bit. And so, today we turn our focus on the art world — specifically, some of the most influential talents of the past 100 years. Click through to peep photos of everyone from a dashing young Andy Warhol (pictured here) to a breathtakingly adorable baby Yoko Ono.

Andy Warhol [via]

Jackson Pollock [via]

Frida Kahlo (far right) [via]

Robert Mapplethorpe [via]

Yoko Ono [via]

Pablo Picasso [via]

Diane Arbus [via]

Lucian Freud [via]

Tracey Emin (far left) [via]

Salvador Dali [via]

Basquiat [via]

Keith Haring [via]

Louise Bourgeois [via]

Willem and Elaine de Kooning [via]

Ai Weiwei [via]