Sex Tips from Blossom


Today is a big day for our favorite teen TV stars of the ’90s. First, Steve Urkel got a job hosting a weird game show on the SyFy Network. And now, Blossom star Mayim Bialik — who we recently celebrated as a child actor who grew up to be awesome — is blogging about sex. In a post for a Jewish parenting site called Kveller, Bialik (who identifies as a Conservadox Jew) explains and extols the Torah’s insights on sex. After pointing out that the holy book provides a surprisingly accurate guide to ovulation and enumerating the virtues of the mikveh (a ritual bath), she makes a case for Judaism as the sexiest of all religions:

Judaism loves love. We love sex. We are told it is a mitzvah to make love and to especially make love on Shabbat, when God’s presence is close. A woman’s right to sexual satisfaction is detailed in her ketubah, her marriage contract, independent of pregnancy.

Read the rest of Bialik’s thoughtful post here.