Street Food Vendors on Twitter, Bruni Memoir, and Beer with Fiber [Foodie News]


We’re looking at you, @CalexicoCart: In the sea of unsuccessful, navel-gazing uses for Twitter, a rare good one — Serious Eats compiled a national list of street food vendor Twitter feeds, allowing you to know where your favorite taco truck resides throughout the day. Now if only we could get ’em to tweet about how long the line is… [via Serious Eats]

Bruni News: Like everyone else who reads the New York Times Dining section, we’re awaiting Frank Bruni’s August departure date with sweaty palms and shortness of breath (come to think of it, these might be symptoms of a cholesterol problem acquired on our relentless mission to try all Bruni’s faves…). No Frank Bruni? Unthinkable. The iconic critic is, however releasing a book about the lifelong struggle with his weight that he finally overcame through his work as a restaurant critic (?). We’re only rolling with it because we trust you, Frank. For more information, Eater is providing full coverage on the impending “Bruniocalpyse.” [via Eater]

Because bananas and bran muffins won’t get you loaded: We recently came across a rather ponderous post about a Korean beer fortified with fiber on the eco-friendly food website, The Ethicurean. Truth be told, our initial impression was something along the lines of “screw shredded wheat,” but The Ethicurean felt differently about using beer as a nutritional supplement. Clearly the author has never cracked open an icy Michelob Ultra before the gym or sipped an antioxidant-packed pomegranate vodka to ward off the common cold… [via The Ethicurean]

Ah, yes, it must be the obesogens: We’re doing everything to prevent the epidemic of metabolic illnesses from spiraling out of control — McDonald’s serves salads, Subway divulges the awe-inspiring calorie counts of its sandwiches, and KFC hawks Oprah-approved grilled chicken. But, despite the dropping rates of deep-frying, candy-coating, and super-sizing, American obesity rates continue to climb. A recent study demonstrates that the common pesticide atrazine and other chemicals that scientists call “obesogens” might be responsible. According to the study, lab rats exposed to the chemicals experienced reduced metabolic rates and increased insulin resistance. While we find this information compelling, we also can’t help but wonder if the Domino’s Bread Bowl Pizza is somehow involved. [via The Collaborative on Health and Environment and Consumerist]

What’s at the farmer’s market?: Sure you can get asparagus year round. But they cost as much Faberge eggs and taste just about as good. Right now, they are cheap, abundant and delicious. Buy them. For recipe suggestions, check out the mouth-watering list compiled by Epicurious. [via Epicurious]