Suren Manvelyan’s Startlingly Beautiful Photos of Animals’ Eyes


Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan sounds like a fascinating chap — according to his website, he has a PhD in theoretical physics, plays five different musical instruments, won a governmental award for his research into quantum physics, and taught science, mathematics, and astronomy before he took up photography. These days, he’s a professional photographer with a penchant for startlingly beautiful macro images — specifically, photos of peoples’ eyes. We recently came across his latest series over onLost at E Minor, which is a variation on the idea — this time, it’s animals’ eyes he’s capturing, and they’re pretty amazing, from the cold, alien eyes of a crocodile to the remarkably human-like eyes of a Siamese cat. Click through for a look at some of our favorites.

Suren Manvelyan, Snail, 2011. All images copyright Suren Manvelyan.

Suren Manvelyan, Fish, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Albino Tiger Python, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Husky, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Iguana, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Siamese Cat, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Horse, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Black Rabbit, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Caiman, 2011

Suren Manvelyan, Nylus Crocodile, 2011