Designers Visualize Vital Moments in American History


The last time we checked in with designer Evan Stremke, we were admiring his series of morbidly attractive invitations to famous assassinations. Now, he’s in the midst of another project with a similar historical bent: The Momentus Project, which has Stremke inviting dozens of other designers to visualize important moments in United States history, from the Boston Massacre through the recent end of the NASA shuttle program. Although a few pieces still aren’t posted yet, the project is already both aesthetically pleasing and educational — once it’s complete, it could make a fantastic tool for teachers. Ten of our favorite Momentus works, which range from America’s finest hours to its most shameful, are after the jump.

Chris DeLorenzo, The Boston Massacre . [Spotted via Super Punch]

Matt Riley, The Trail of Tears

Jay Schaul, The Dred Scott Case

Nate Utesch, The Wright Brothers Take Flight

Kristina Collantes, The Women’s Suffrage Movement

Christopher Haines, The Creation of WWII Internment Camps

Matt Lehman, The McCarthyism Movement

Bobby McKenna, The Invention of the Internet

Ryan Brinkerhoff, The Launch of the Hubble Telescope

Ted Quinn, The Attacks of September 11, 2001