20 Awesome High-End Halloween Costumes


If you’re not über crafty, fashioning a unique Halloween costume that sets you apart from the pack of party-store drones could pose a problem. Thankfully, there’s an army of skilled crafters and artisans who are willing and able to bring your fantasy Haunting Season ensemble to life — for a price. In case you have some extra dough lying around, we’ve followed up last year’s incredible list of high-end Halloween costumes with a gallery featuring extravagant Beetlejuice, My Little Pony, and Muppets-inspired outfits of the hand-crafted variety after the jump.

Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter

What happens when you combine the timelessness of Alice In Wonderland with the wonderfully bizarre Johnny Depp? You get a classic, eccentric character who will reappear for many Halloweens to come. But it’s the innovative details that make this unbelievably expensive Mad Hatter costume particularly unique, from the magical rainbow-hued thread sash to the hand-made painted hat. ($1600, Etsy)

Adam and Barbara Maitland from Beetlejuice

If you’re as tired of cutesy Halloween couples costumes as we are, then this Beetlejuice throwback might be the answer you and your sweetheart have been searching for — creepy eyeballs and all! ($425, Etsy)

Little Red Riding Hood

On the hunt for a more traditional fairy tale disguise? Well, this ultra-frilly getup steers away from the trashy Little Red Riding Hood outfits your local party store is supplying, but it comes with a hefty price tag. ($525, Etsy)

Beaker from The Muppets

If you love the Muppets as much as we do, then this Beaker outfit, complete with styrofoam eyeballs and that blindingly bright mop of orange hair, is the costume for you. Plus, it provides the perfect excuse to avoid awkward party small talk — just imitate the nervous puppet’s shrill, incomprehensible voice. ($120, Etsy)

Björk’s Swan Dress

Björk’s swan dress is the gift that keeps on giving. No matter how many years have passed since she first strutted it on the 2001 Oscars red carpet, it’s still a pop-culture conversation piece that will be the hit of the Halloween ball if you dare to wear it. ($350, Etsy)


Because, well, who doesn’t think a grown man in a dinosaur onesie is adorable? ($ 169, Etsy)

Pink Monster Dress

If you want some glitz and glam in addition to a DIY aesthetic, this cute, potentially Katy Perry-inspired monster dress’s sequined bustier and Raggedy Anne-esque skirt might interest you. ($295, Etsy)

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

From the moment Lady Gaga donned this, frankly, disgusting guise on the VMAs, we knew it would be everywhere come Halloween time. Sure enough, the infamous meat dress, string-wrapped booties, and steak slab hair piece have arrived — but unlike Gaga’s getup, thankfully this outfit is composed of cascading hand-painted fabric. ($180, Etsy)

Elizabethan Nobleman

Perfect for any history buff or literary darling, you can channel William Shakespeare or Edmund Spenser in this extravagant Elizabethan-era ensemble that features gold-embellished trunk hose. All that’s missing is a lute to make the merry noblewomen swoon. ($550, Etsy)

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

With the flowing florescent wig, seashell bra, and luminous fish tail, it’s no surprise that mermaids have been a consistently popular Halloween costume over the years. So, why not stray from the sea of ordinary mermaids by donning this custom, hand-carved bustier that was inspired by Disney’s Ariel? ($200, Etsy)

Shark Attack

If you’re on the market for Halloween threads that are simultaneously playful and comfortable, then look no further than this adorable, pale-gray hooded dress that gives the dreadful illusion of being engulfed by a Great White. ($155, Etsy)

Steampunk Snow White

Snow White really is the fairest one of all when it comes to All Hallows’ Eve ensembles. Her outfit can be found in a multitude of versions, ranging from trashy to classic and everything in between, which might make her a somewhat boring choice for Halloween. The antidote is Steampunk Snow White, who incorporates the sweet and flirtatious aspects of the other costumes, with a modern/Victorian feel. ($199, Etsy)


Retro fiends and comic book devotees rejoice, as this Robin costume has been constructed to resemble the original 1966 superhero disguise. The Nashville-based seamstress behind the threads based her sewing patterns off of the classic Robin suit, which includes a mask, cape, shirt, trunks, and tights. ($995, Etsy)

Marie Antoinette

In order to embody the Queen of Versailles’ “Let them eat cake” ethos, one needs a lush gown with jutting hips and dainty floral embellishments, along with that gravity-defying hairdo. This extravagant number, which features lace-up corset detailing, is a pretty convincing take on Marie Antoinette — as well it should be, for the price. ($875, Etsy)

My Little Pony

For those of us gals who were born in the 1980s, there’s a good chance that My Little Pony figurines — and the animated series they starred in — played a large role in our childhoods. Step into this sweet, retro dress, and you’ll be transported back to a time when the majestic plastic ponies ruled your world. ($120, Etsy)

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

Mexican sugar skulls can be great alternative to zombies and skeletons, featuring a dash of whimsy thanks to intricately painted, colorful makeup and a flower hair wreath. But, more importantly, the sweet treats serve as a centuries-long Day of the Dead tradition, in which they adorn altars and are eaten. ($199, Etsy)

Sleeping Beauty

This ultra-pink costume is for the girl who is obsessed with Disney Princesses. She was probably Ariel last year, and Belle before that. But this year, Princess Aurora should take center stage — not only because Sleeping Beauty is a classic Disney film, but in recognition of the risqué new Julia Leigh film inspired by the fairy tale. ($900, Etsy)

Natalie Portman’s Nina from Black Swan

For film buffs looking to channel the destructive ballerina inside of them, this Black Swan-inspired number is just what Darren Aronofsky ordered. All you need is extravagant makeup, perfectly pinned-up hair, and feathers. ($375, Etsy)

Willy Wonka-Inspired Candy Headdress

Do you love candy? Do you want to show your love of sugary treats by donning a candy-coated costume? Well, you’re in luck, as this vibrantly colored, candy-embellished headdress will make the perfect match for that candy-wrapper dress you’ve hot-glued together. ($320, Etsy)

The Wicked Witch of the West

You’ve retired the ol’ raggedy witch costume you’ve clung to since high school, and now you want something with a bit more pizazz and a pop culture feel. Oh, and also, you’ve got a few months’ pay to blow. Look no further than this über-detaied trumpet dress that pays homage to The Wizard of Oz. ($2900, Etsy)