Watch Pop’s Fakest Musicians Tell You to “Be Yourself”


“Be yourself” is great — if overused — advice. Lately, we’ve heard various versions of that exhortation from the mouths of pop stars like Lady Gaga (“You were born this way, baby”) and Katy Perry (“Baby, you’re a firework”). While it’s wonderful that they’re telling geeks and gay kids that there’s nothing wrong with them, there is a certain irony in hearing people who have massively changed their appearance and persona in pursuit of fame espouse that sentiment. That observation is at the heart of a funny new video by comedy writer and actress Alison Bennett, which finds Gaga, Perry, and Nicki Minaj talking about how being yourself means transforming into “an 86-pound blonde that hatched from an egg” or wearing “a wig on a wig on a wig.” Overall, it’s a great skit — although we have to take exception to Bennett calling pre-Gaga Stefani Germanotta “chubby.”