Mick Jagger Having Unlikely Late-Career Pop-Culture Moment


We’ve seen Mick Jagger’s name in the news a lot lately — and the funny thing is, the items we’ve been reading have nothing to do with his mediocre, new supergroup, SuperHeavy, who released their first album last month. First, there was Maroon 5’s inescapable (and dreadful hit, “Moves Like Jagger.” Then there’s Marc Spitz’s biography, Jagger: Rebel, Rock Star, Rambler, Rogue , which came out last month. And now, Gothamist reports that a group is trying to hijack New York City’s annual Halloween parade with a gaggle of marchers dressed as Jagger. But they’re not just going to slip into Mick’s leggings; they’re also planning to perform such hits as “Emotional Rescue,” “Dancing in the Street,” “Satisfaction,” “Time Is on My Side,” “Paint It Black,” Miss You,” “She’s So Cold,” “Start Me Up, and “Beast of Burden.” We would love to see this happen but have one additional suggestion: Please also enlist a gang of ’80s-era David Bowies to truly make “Dancing in the Street” worth everyone’s while.