Photo App Hipstamatic Goes Disposable


Before Instagram stole Hipstamatic’s thunder, the iPhone app was the preferred retro photo program. Now the company is trying to win back some of our love by creating a disposable camera — but one that actually won’t make you feel lonely while shoegazing at the one hour photo counter. The Hipstamatic D-Series will prevent you from seeing your photos until you finish 24 shots on the “roll.” Lucas Buick — founder of Hipstamatic — is excited about the new app, even if you’re still unsure about it. “It really is a completely different way to experience photography that a lot of people have forgotten about, but it wasn’t so long ago that people don’t remember it, and that’s the key,” he said. The “disposable” cam will definitely be the preferred choice for those who can’t afford something like a Lomography camera, but still want that sometimes frustrating experience of snapping a good old fashioned photo. Even if the program seems somewhat ridiculous to you, it’ll be free to try when the app is rolled out later this month. Will you be downloading this one, or pass on it altogether?