’24 Hour Party People’ Director to Make Beatles Movie


Seeing as how there are already a million Beatles biopics out there and Liam Gallagher hasn’t done much for us since the ’90s, we haven’t been terribly excited about the Fab Four movie Gallagher is producing. But today brings news promising enough to cut through our skepticism: The Playlist reports that frighteningly prolific but almost always fantastic British director Michael Winterbottom, who brought us the Tony Wilson paean 24 Hour Party People and one of this year’s funniest movies, The Trip, is going to direct the film. Titled The Longest Cocktail Party and based on a memoir of the same name by Apple Records staffer Richard DiLello, it will follow the Beatles from 1967 through their break-up in 1970, with a major focus on the notoriously dramatic Let It Be sessions. The only drawback to having Winterbottom helm the project, apparently, is that his busy schedule is sure to delay production — IMDb reveals that he has another film, Trishna, coming out this year, and two in post-production for 2012. [via NME ]