Alec Baldwin Is Launching a Podcast


Frequent Flavorwire readers know that we keep a pretty close watch on Alec Baldwin, so you can only imagine how excited we were to read that the self-proclaimed “public radio junkie” is planning to host a new weekly podcast series for WNYC that launches on October 24. The show, which will feature interviews with “artists, policy makers, and performers,” is apparently part of Baldwin’s plan to diversify his career with non-30 Rock activities. It definitely sounds a lot easier than (but perhaps not as entertaining for us as) becoming the mayor of New York City — not that we’d rule out a run in 2013 just yet. As Baldwin himself recently said, “I have to finish what I’m doing now and separate these two parts of my life. I haven’t really formalized that. It’s like the difference between going to Jon Stewart and Jim Lehrer. The jokes have to stop, everything has to be on the record.” Perhaps this is just the professional segue he was looking for. [via Huffington Post]