Chris Cornell Is Completely Insane: A Quiz


In an effort to prove the sound-mindedness of Chris Cornell’s universally disparaged collaboration with Timbaland, DJ Skee and Prophet created and released a mix tape on his behalf last Monday. As far as we can figure it, the intention is to justify his terribly misguided excursion into the murky realm of genre-blending by providing 63 songs (!) that exemplify the artistic heights of the idea. Instead, the result is a hilariously murky mix-tape that inadvisedly mashes the likes of N.E.R.D. against Audioslave. After the jump, see if you can distinguish between the songs Cornell and co. deemed worthy of inclusion on his compilation, and those that are merely absurd, Flavorpill-selected impostors. (Hint: only one track per group failed to receive the official Chris Cornell seal of approval.)

1. And the non-impostor is? a. California Wonderwall – 2pac & Oasis (Rock-it! Scientists Remix) b. Boulevard Of Flashing Lights – Kanye West, Green Day & Oasis (Party Ben Mix) c. Rise Up & Stay Fly – Three 6 Mafia & Yves Larock (Mikiwar Mix)

2. And the non-impostor is? a. Let Love Rule – Lenny Kravitz (2009 Justice Remix) b. Throw Some Rock – Rich Boy & Lenny Kravitz c. Electric Feel Remix – MGMT & JD (Justice Remix)

3. And the non-impostor is? a. Pretty Swing (For a White Guy) – The Offspring & Savage b. Rock Star Girl – Charles Hamilton & The Offspring c. Fight Song – Game & Good Charlotte

4. And the non-impostor is? a. Get Your Boots On – U2 (Justice Remix) b. Magnificent – U2 & Prophet c. U2 Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolph (DJ Cachi Remix)

5. And the non-impostor is? a. Hot Revolver – Lil’ Wayne b. Lollipop – Lil’ Wayne & Framing Hanley c. Prom Queen – Lil’ Wayne

6. And the non-impostor is? a. Sweet Revenge – Chris Cornell & Prophet b. Enemy Remix – Chris Cornell, Timbaland, Prophet & Forrest c. Scream – Chris Cornell (Dean Coleman Remix) d. Why Do You Follow Me – Chris Cornell e. Part Of Me – Chris Cornell (Steve Aoki Remix) f. Climbing Up The Walls – Chris Cornell & Timbaland g. Part Of Me – Chris Cornell (LMFAO & LA Riots Remix) h. Ordinary Girl – Chris Cornell i. Do Me Wrong – Chris Cornell

Check the the answers and view the entire tracklist.